Saturday, April 28, 2012

As the Pain Train Would Say...

It's go time!

The Eugene Marathon is tomorrow and my training went exactly as planned.

I had two good road races...the Albany 10 Miler in 57:24 and the Corvallis Half Marathon in 1:15:41.
I built up to a 10 mile tempo run at sub-6:00 minute pace.
I built up to 10 800's at sub-2:35
I built up to 13 mile repeats at sub-5:30
And my last long run was 26.2 miles around Corvallis and Philomath in 2:59:41!

2 years ago, sub 2:40:00 at Eugene was a little hard for me to believe. This year it's been the goal from the beginning. I think I'm ready.