Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome to 2013

2012 was another memorable year of running and learning from mistakes. I feel like I really pushed my limits...and in some cases, found the breaking point. I'm looking forward to using those learnings in 2013.

Things I learned in 2012...
January - Beer miles can be won with strictly running ability.
February - Volunteering at Hagg Lake might be more fun than running there.
March - If you have a choice, run with the wind on your back.
April - You know you're in trouble when the first mile of a marathon seems long.
May - When running without a watch, you tend to lose track of time.
June - Birthdays and holidays can be good excuses to run.
July - Mohawks make you run faster.
August - IVs after a race make you feel better.
September - You can get from Williams to Ashland much faster by driving in a car (even on those lousy roads).
October - The cure for a bad race is to race even more.
November - The Silver Creek Falls Marathon is a must-run race.
December - The Willamette River is pretty cold in the winter.

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