Thursday, November 20, 2008

2008 Oregon Trail Series Recap

First of all, I'd like to say...I train with the champ! The Pain Train has really made a name for himself this year. Here's a quick recap of the 2008 Oregon Trail Series...

Hagg Lake 50K - 4:21:03 - Possibly the best trail conditions ever at Hagg Lake in February...this race is known for mud and there was very little of it this year. Thanks to Jasmine Nahorniak for the pictures.

Peterson Ridge Rumble 30K - 2:50:52 - I ran the 30K instead of the 60K since it was about one week before the Boston Marathon. I wanted to run it in just under 3:00:00 since that was my goal at Boston and that would keep me from going too fast, but my Garmin was DOA...dead battery just prior to the start of the race, so I had no watch at all! I ran about half the race with Carlos, Kristin, and Amy. Then I took off...definitely faster than I wanted to, but I had no watch...psychologically I wanted to make sure I broke 3:00:00. It was a really nice day...and fun hanging out after the 30K watching all the 60K runners finishing. I'd like to try running the 60K one of these days, but the Boston Marathon has priority for at least one more year.

Amy, Carlos, Kevin, and Kristin before the start of the 30K

Carlos crusing down the trail

The Pain Train running the 60K

Kristin and Amy coming into an aid station

Photo finish on the track

Hanging out after the race

McDonald Forest 50K - 4:46:37

Siskiyou Out Back 50K - I didn't run this race, but would certainly like to one of these days.

Mt. Hood PCT 50M - I didn't run this race, but my son Will and I went over to cheer the runners on. Our plan was to meet the Pain Train at Timberline, the half-way point, then follow him back down. He had a great race...a training run turns into a 6th place finish in 7:40:26...and Will and I had a lot of fun going from aid station to aid station to cheer all the runners on.

The Pain Train arriving at Timberline

Headed back up and then down to Timothy Lake

Dennis Gamroth arriving at Timberline

Will doing some trail running

Waiting for the Pain Train at the Frog Lake aid station

Will doing some more trail running

At the Little Crater Lake aid station

The Pain Train on the homestretch

Where's Waldo 100K - 14:52:49

McKenzie River 50K - 4:21:56

Next year is looking like more of the same for me...I'd like to run the 50 miler and Waldo before trying to tackle a 100 miler in 2010.


Grandma C said...

All I have to say is--"that's a lot of running"

Kristin Collantes said...

He's a running fool. Will looks like a pro!

William Swint said...

What an awesome year it's been! You should've said "I kick the champ's ass on a weekly basis". Thanks for helping to keep the fire burnin'