Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mike Luvin's Challenge(s)

Challenge #1 - This challenge was born shortly after the 2008 Newport Marathon. The record has changed hands several times between the Pain Train and myself. Since I'm the current record holder, I'm putting my name to it and making it public!

The course: Start from Lewisberg Saddle and run the last ~ 4.8 miles of the 2008/2009 McDonald Forest 50K, then the first ~ 6.9 miles back to the saddle.

The record: 1:23:34 (Mike Luvin - 5/20/2009)

Challenge #2 - For the short period of time that I was not the record holder for Challenge #1, I was working on another record...I had always wanted to try and run this particular route in under 1 hour. I recently went for it and was really flying until I got to the bottom of Dan's Trail and came across what looked like a few high school kids looking at a map. I figured they might need some directions so I stopped and pointed them the right that point, I was pretty sure my sub-1 hour dream was dead for that day, but I kept pushing and by the time I hit the Upper Horse Trail, I knew I still had a shot. I made it, but I figure I lost maybe a minute...I guess what I'm saying is there's room for improvement here.

The course: Start from Lewisberg Saddle and run Road 600/650 to the top of Dimple, then run down Dan's Trail to Jackson Creek Trail, then run Road 612/610 to the Horse Trails, then run up the Horse Trails, then run back down Road 600 to the saddle.

The record: 58:28 (Mike Luvin - 5/9/2009)

Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge, there are no other claims by anyone to these records so I am declaring myself the record holder. Please correct me if I'm wrong!


William Swint said...

Mike, you're the man! I was hoping you would have to try at least twice before you took the record back.

Mike Rosling said...

I pretty much ruined myself to do it...I got sick the end of that week and then Double Mary kicked my ass.

saschasdad said...

Another challenge - sub-60 in a solo running of the Mac 15k course. Tough enough in the doubt much tougher as a time trial.

Tonya said...

Do you realize that it's now August? Where's the luv?