Friday, May 21, 2010

Help, I Race Too Much

We're having another baby in August and I think that I'm subconsciously trying to fit a year's worth of racing into 7 months! Right now I'm on pace to have 3 races per month through June, and I'm seriously considering running two 5K races on the same day to make it happen.

Here's what I've done so far...

January - Capitol Mile (5:00.7), Cascade Half Marathon (1:19:12), Willamette Mission Trail Challenge (40:26)
February - Hagg Lake 50K (4:13:28), Buck Mountain Mudslinger (47:23), Tumor Shooter Trail Run (40:32)
March - Spring for Kids 5K (16:55), Santiam Canyon Scramble (48:24), Shotgun Trail Blast (3:22:06)
April - Peterson Ridge Rumble (4:45:01), Sophie's Run 5K (16:43)
May - Eugene Marathon (2:42:51), McDonald Forest 50K (4:42:45)

Right now my legs are telling me to take a break...only problem is I signed up for a half marathon this weekend!


William Swint said...

You and Sean need to have a contest to see who can race the most in a year. That would be a good bet!

Mike Rosling said...

I'm close, but not to his level yet. Just counting races (no Fat Asses) started, here's how we compare...

2008: Sean = 29, Mike = 23
2009: Sean = 28, Mike = 23

ktjane said...

this made me think of you. crazy!