Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Years' Day Double

The Capitol Mile has become a New Years' Day tradition for me. So when I heard that Run Wild Adventures was also going to have a race the same day, I decided I had to do both...two races less than two hours apart. No problem...they're both short.

There was definitely some unfinished business to take care of at the Capitol Mile. As I was standing in line to check in, I got interviewed by the Statesman Journal...I said I resolved to break 5 minutes this year after running 5:00.7 last year. Based on recent training, I believed I could...I was feeling good, but it was really cold that morning. I had time for a one mile warm-up but was still freezing at the start. The first half mile of the race was out toward the river and I didn't feel warmed up...I think I was running in 4th. Coming back I started to feel a little better and caught one runner to finish 3rd in 4:54.9. Based on my four finishes, I'm projecting a sub-4:00 mile by 2023.

2008 - 5:15.4
2009 - 5:11.5
2010 - 5:00.7
2011 - 4:54.9
2023 - 3:59.9

Thanks to great driving by the Pain Train, I got to the start of the Hangover Run just in time. I took off with Joe Dudman and was right on his heels. I tried to pass on a muddy corner shortly after we turned off the gravel road and almost went down. Patience, I thought...I made my next attempt to pass right around the 1 mile mark...just before the "unique aid station featuring "Adult" beverages." I opened up what felt like a small gap, but I knew I had to push hard to keep the lead. We finally turned back onto the gravel road and I could feel Joe closing the gap...luckily I had just enough left to hold him off. It was a fun cross-country type course with some gravel, grass, and dirt. Joe and I talked briefly after the race and he said he thought they should keep the race a 3K again next year...I agree.

So my double went really well...sub-5 minute mile and a win at the Hangover Run...but a double is not quite as impressive as Joe's New Years' Weekend Quintuple. Nice work!

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