Friday, October 9, 2009

My Running Family

There's something really satisfying about getting other people interested in running. This year I've really enjoyed watching Tonya, Kristin, and Will get into it...sorry Ella, no racing for you until you're 3. Here are some pictures from races this year.

March - Champoeg Park 10K - Tonya had decided to run the Hippie Chick Half Marathon in May with some of her friends and I had put together a training plan for her to follow. By March, I told her to try a 10K to see where she was at fitness-wise. It was a great morning for a race...the rain held off until just as we were leaving. Unfortunately, the race was only 6 miles due to a downed tree on the course, but it was still a good test to see where she was at...Tonya ran 51:52, so we began thinking about a sub-2:00 hour half marathon. Thanks to Gramma C. for coming to watch the kids so Tonya and I could both run.

Ella all bundled up

Will cheering for the runners

Celebrating a 6 mile PR

The running protege and mentor

July - Stayton 4th of July 10K - Kristin came all the way down from Portland to run this race just to see what I would have to wear after losing another bet with the Pain Train. It was a hot day as usual, but Kristin and I both had good races and cooled off in the creek afterwards. Kristin and Tonya were now both preparing for the Portland Marathon.

I feel bad for anyone who gets beat by this guy

Great picture of the start of the race

Trying to hang on to 2nd place

There was something special about the outfit again

Kristin finishing off her race

A 10K PR

July - Coburg Run in the Country - Tonya ran a great first half marathon in 2:02:43...she really pushed herself in the second half and even puked near the end...but she was cheated out of a potential sub-2:00 hour finish due to the fact that the Hippie Chick race used timing chips but did not have a timing mat at the start of the race...disgraceful! She could have easily lost a couple minutes at the very congested start. For her Portland Marathon training, Tonya's long run was up into the 18 mile range, so I felt she was very prepared for this half marathon...the goal was to run 9:00 minute this pace she would easily break 2:00 hours. She ended up running 8:54 pace! I was so proud. This was also Will's first official race. I have to say, it's so dang cute to see those kids lined up at the start. He had a blast.

High five from Will on the homestretch

Super Mom

Lined up for the kids race

Will having a blast

He's a natural

August - Bush Park Cross-Country Series Week 1 - These races are held every Thursday night in August and are really a lot of fun. They have races of several different distances for all ages. We ended up going the first week. Will ran in the kids race and Tonya got her speedwork in for her Portland Marathon training by running the 5K.

Will explaining how fast he will run

Lined up and ready to go

This is intense

Will has his game face on as he heads down the homestretch

Very cute

Portland Marathon speedwork for Tonya

August - Bush Park Cross-Country Series Week 4 - We didn't make it back to Bush Park until the last week of August. Will had a tough race this week...he decided to line up in front and got knocked down when the race started. He was pretty upset and I thought we were going to have to bag it, but he got over it, started running, and we even managed to pick off a few stragglers. Tonya had a good race and improved on her 5K time.

At the start...maybe too close to the front

I thought this might be a DNF

Finishing it up together...this is my favorite picture

1st time down the big hill

This is fun


2nd time down the big hill

October - Portland Marathon - This race really became the culmination of the year for Kristin and Tonya. Word on the street was that Kristin's goal for the marathon, her third, was to break 4:00 hours...she had previously run 4:24:03 (1st marathon at Newport) and 4:14:11 (2nd marathon at San Diego). For Tonya, I estimated that 10:00 minute miles was a reasonable goal for her first marathon. In the end, both ran races to be proud of...Kristin took a huge step in the direction of a Boston qualifying time finishing in 3:58:15 and Tonya finished in 4:34:44 and recently said she wants to run another one! I was very impressed with Kristin's splits for the race...she ran very evenly throughout and had a negative second half split. Tonya likely started out a little too fast and had the "classic" marathon experience that I've had several times and I've had described to me by others many times...felt great for the first 18 miles or so, then in the last 8 miles began wondering when is this going to be over! I'll add more pictures as soon as they are available.

Tonya all set for her first marathon

Pretty good view from our hotel room


Kristin Collantes said...

awww, I love it! Good job everyone! Can't wait for the next race!

barr fam said...

Mike....I agree that it's pretty amazing the pull you have to get people running. Can I be in your running group someday? Tell Tonya, Great Job! And Kristin too:) And I hope Isaac can be running like Will someday? Maybe I will have him do those bush park runs next summer.

Mike Rosling said...

You are more than welcome to join our running group...I am looking for my next first time marathoner to coach.
And I look forward to seeing Isaac and Will running at Bush Park next summer!

William Swint said...

You guys are awesome! You're a great coach. That outfit is Super Hot. I love betting.

Leah said...

What a great story, I love the pics and hearing all about the running Roslings!
what does the other guy have to wear when he loses?

Gramma said...

Mike, Great Job telling the story of the many races our family ran in this year, and we all know there were a lot more that didn't make this blog. We are very proud of all of you---it has been fun being a part of it--as the support team.
Mom and Dad

saschasdad said...

Great post, Luvin! Some highlights for me: obviously your Stayton 10k outfit. I seriously laughed out loud when I saw that shirt. I'm sure glad I've never bet, and lost a bet to, William. I hope you were able to hold off serious-guy in the orange shirt.
Will get big kudos for getting up from his fall, dusting himself off, and finishing strong. That picture of you two running is great! He really has great form, too.
I'll miss you at Mac 15k this weekend. Sub-60, man!

Mike Rosling said...

Leah, I don't believe the Pain Train has ever lost a bet.

Sean, I ran my 10K PR in that outfit and held off the serious guy...I'll miss you at the 15K too because I'm going to need some serious help to break 60 minutes! Hope you have a good race in the Gorge.

saschasdad said...

2 things:
Time to update the blog.
Are you ever going to learn - don't bet William! I mean seriously, have you EVER won a bet with him? I look forward to seeing your losings (I guess that's the opposite of winnings) at Cascade 1/2!